Front Porch House Show, part 1

Hi friends!

So, upon returning to Portland after our wonderful, music-ful, sunshine-ful California tour in March, Katie and I decided to start recording a few songs, youtube style, on our front porch. Reasons being:

1) Our front porch is rad

2) We are going to miss Katie sooooooo much next fall!

3) To celebrate the springtime, and the fact that it’s possible to be on the front porch for longer than three minutes without many layers/rain gear!

4) Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear bagpipes playing in the background!

4.5) Sometimes you can also hear birds! Like we are Cinderella or something!

So, we hope you all enjoy some of our acoustic numbers and favorite covers! Feel free to share with friends, strangers and even your closest enemies.

Wishing you all a happy spring,

Rachel & Katie