Front Porch House Show–Dixie Chicks’ “Lullaby”

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Hello, Friends!

Oh is it ever August, and isn’t it lovely? Katie and I had another beautiful season on Orcas Island, inspiring our second “Front Porch House Show.” This one, you will notice, is filmed from the front porch of a rustic tent. We did not steal this tent–it is the one we get to live in during the summer while leading wilderness canoe trips across the Salish Sea! Our campers kept asking for more of this sweet lullaby from the Dixie Chicks that we love to play, so we thought we’d feature it in our next little video for all of you. Please enjoy!

We are feeling happy as August winds down, but also bittersweet, as Katie is soon leaving us for the Peace Corp (I know, right? What will we do without her?!?). So… in celebration of the good times, we are having one *final* (for now!) Portland show!

Happy Trails to Katie
Arbielle House Show
7pm ~ Friday, Sept 13th, 2013
5125 NE Davis St
Portland, OR
(503) 319-0124

Hope you can make it if you are in the area, and if not, we’ll be thinking of you!

Arbielle posing super professionally after a show at Darvill's, on  Orcas Island
Arbielle posing super professionally after a show at Darvill’s, on Orcas Island

Happy summer,

Rachel & Katie

2 thoughts on “Front Porch House Show–Dixie Chicks’ “Lullaby””

  1. Teehee– Rachel, I’m visibly asleep for half of this front porch video! Just living up to the “Dormouse” nickname I guess. đŸ˜€

    Also… I will miss this big time.

    1. Haha! Soooooo awesome!

      And you are missed terribly already. It’s been such a beautiful chapter, Katie! I don’t think we’re done playing music together, yet, though…


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