Arbielle Embarks on Summer Tour! Or, the Winkin’ Wandas Take the Wild West!

Hi Everyone!

It’s true: Arbielle is getting ready to embark on tour #3, this time to new territory..what was once known as the Oregon territory…what is now known as…IDAHO! We’re so excited.

“We” these days is three of us: Katie Fitzgerald (back from Ukraine and better than ever!), Jessica Tucker (finally ready to let the masses hear her beautiful voice!), and Rachel Byron-Law (me!). As a trio, we’ve performed in a few local shows, and the three-part harmonies have made me so happy that I now have a perma-grin stuck to my face. It was reminding us (ever-so-humbly) of the Walin’ Jenny’s concert that Katie and I caught a few months ago in Portland (which was mind-blowing awesome). Jess had not yet experienced the wonder of the Jennys, and called them “The Winkin’ Wandas,” and then we giggled for a long time about that. Hence the new band name.

To celebrate, the three of us made a new “front porch house show” of the seasonally-appropriate song, “July.” The mics used were not quite enough to capture the awesome 3-part harmonies (my apologies) but I’ll send it on, anyway, just to give you a taste. Here it is: video

Below are the tour dates and information; please feel free to share and/or email back with questions!

Happy Trails,


“The Winkin’ Wanda’s Take the Wild West” Arbielle Eastward Tour Summer 2014! 

CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON – Friday, June 27th, 2014 – 

10pm, Hogan’s Place

906 6th St Clarkston, WA 99403,  pay at the door

BOISE, IDAHO – Saturday, June 28th, 2014 – 

7:30pm, District Coffeehouse

219 N 10th St Boise, Idaho 83702, FREE

WALLA WALLA – Sunday, June 29th, 2014 – 

7pm, House Show

For exact address, please email,  pay at the door

About arbielle

“Arbielle” is a Portland indie-folk band featuring plucky songwriter-piano-player, Arbielle, a musician with wide eyes, a beautiful voice, and plenty of stories to share. Their songs range from goofy to passionate to heart-rending, reflecting the wild beauty and playfulness of Arbielle’s pacific northwest hippie upbringing, as well as the faith she has grown into. Arbielle’s mama taught her to sing rounds when she was two-years-old, and she never stopped singing since. As a 14-year-old she began composing with Portland’s “Young Composer’s Project,” hosted by Fear No Music, and at 18 she began a journey of singing her own songs from Walla Walla, Washington, to Brooklyn, New York. Now she has returned to her home state of Oregon, and dug in as a recording and touring musician living in Portland. In the winter of 2012 she gathered a talented team of musician friends to collaborate on a full-length album recorded at Echo Ridge Music, in Sisters, OR, and this year signed onto Headphone Records of Electronic Boy Productions, who released her premier full-length album this December. "Roots Grow Deep" is a sweet chronicle of growing pains, bicycles, broken families, funny coincidence, friendships, and coming home.  Audiences from Orcas Island to San Francisco have come away from her shows admiring her honesty, wondering at her unique perspective, and humming her beautiful tunes.  As an artist, she lifts up a universal human experience: what it is like to be Arbielle.  Even if you are not a small person living a big life, a teacher and a farmer, a sister and a daughter, a lover of Oregon and every person you’ve known, you will know exactly what she means.
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