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About arbielle

“Arbielle” is a Portland indie-folk band featuring plucky songwriter-piano-player, Arbielle, a musician with wide eyes, a beautiful voice, and plenty of stories to share. Their songs range from goofy to passionate to heart-rending, reflecting the wild beauty and playfulness of Arbielle’s pacific northwest hippie upbringing, as well as the faith she has grown into. Arbielle’s mama taught her to sing rounds when she was two-years-old, and she never stopped singing since. As a 14-year-old she began composing with Portland’s “Young Composer’s Project,” hosted by Fear No Music, and at 18 she began a journey of singing her own songs from Walla Walla, Washington, to Brooklyn, New York. Now she has returned to her home state of Oregon, and dug in as a recording and touring musician living in Portland. In the winter of 2012 she gathered a talented team of musician friends to collaborate on a full-length album recorded at Echo Ridge Music, in Sisters, OR, and this year signed onto Headphone Records of Electronic Boy Productions, who released her premier full-length album this December. "Roots Grow Deep" is a sweet chronicle of growing pains, bicycles, broken families, funny coincidence, friendships, and coming home.  Audiences from Orcas Island to San Francisco have come away from her shows admiring her honesty, wondering at her unique perspective, and humming her beautiful tunes.  As an artist, she lifts up a universal human experience: what it is like to be Arbielle.  Even if you are not a small person living a big life, a teacher and a farmer, a sister and a daughter, a lover of Oregon and every person you’ve known, you will know exactly what she means.

Snow Day & 3 upcoming Portland-area shows!

Hello, friends! It’s a snow day! Wheee! Fun for students and educators, alike (sorry to everyone else who has to go to work…that sounds rough…) The other good news is, now that Katie and I are roommates again, a snow day = … Continue reading

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…and WE’RE BACK!!!

Long time no see, friends–how have you been? After our farewell show at Artichoke Music in March of 2015, we said good-bye to one of our most-talented band-mates as she embarked on service abroad. At that time, two years seemed … Continue reading

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Two Upcoming Portland Shows! And…Ch-ch-ch-changes…

Dearest Friends, Good news! Arbielle is excited to announce TWO upcoming Portland shows this month and next! You are cordially invited to both: Arbielle at the Jade Lounge! 6:00pm ~ Friday, February 27th, 2015 2342 SE Ankeny St Portland, Oregon 97214 … Continue reading

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Q: “When are you guys playing a show in Portland?” A: “This month!”

Hi friends! Well, since the autumnal season is undoubtedly the best time of year for folk music, Arbielle & The Winkin’ Wandas are celebrating by playing not one, but two shows in your tri-county area this month! This weekend: Saturday, … Continue reading

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Arbielle Embarks on Summer Tour! Or, the Winkin’ Wandas Take the Wild West!

Hi Everyone! It’s true: Arbielle is getting ready to embark on tour #3, this time to new territory..what was once known as the Oregon territory…what is now known as…IDAHO! We’re so excited. “We” these days is three of us: Katie Fitzgerald … Continue reading

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Front Porch House Show–“The Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel

Hi Everyone! Hard to believe it’s already been two years since Katie and I made our first tour together, which launched right after Valentine’s Day, 2012! If we stayed with you, we probably gave you discounted Valentine’s Chocolates as a “thank … Continue reading

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Front Porch House Show–Dixie Chicks’ “Lullaby”

This is the most recent email from our mailing list. To be added, please email: Hello, Friends! Oh is it ever August, and isn’t it lovely? Katie and I had another beautiful season on Orcas Island, inspiring our second … Continue reading

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Front Porch House Show, part 1

Hi friends! So, upon returning to Portland after our wonderful, music-ful, sunshine-ful California tour in March, Katie and I decided to start recording a few songs, youtube style, on our front porch. Reasons being: 1) Our front porch is rad … Continue reading

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The March of the Portlandians – California tour, March 2013!

Hello, California! It’s been a year since our debut tour celebrating the album-release of “Roots Grow Deep,” and Katie and I are itching to jam all of our sound equipment into the car and drive down to the sunshine! We’ve … Continue reading

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Just a regular day…

Katie and I are getting pretty excited about our upcoming tour, which Katie has dubbed, “The March of the Portlandians.” Look out, San Francisco, Berkeley, Davis, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Pacific Grove, and maybe even Ojai, California! We are … Continue reading

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