The Band

“Arbielle” is Rachel Jumago, an Oregon-based singer-songwriter with an open heart, a beautiful voice, and plenty of stories to share. Her viridescent folk songs range from playful to poignant to lament and protests. With piano-driven melody and very earnest lyrics, you’ll find yourself humming along to help her celebrate the joys of bicycle-riding, save outdoor school, or encourage humanity in pursuit of faith and social justice.

Most often, you can find Rachel performing with dear friend Katie Fitzgerald, who she has called (on more than one occasion) her “bandmate for life.” Rachel and Katie first met in 2010 when they were both wilderness trip leaders at a beautiful, rustic summer camp on Orcas Island. Their first collaborations were strumming around the fire and lullabying kids to sleep. Before long, they were touring up and down the West Coast in a four-door that just barely accommodated a portable piano and all of their snacks.

The two have often collaborated with other wonderful and talented friends, and this year are so excited to release a new album that has been ten years in the making. Lovingly recorded, mixed, and mastered by Cliff Fitzgerald (aka Katie’s dad), and also featuring Brent Alan on the banjo, Chris Kokesh on fiddle, and the vocal additions of Jessica Tucker, this album has been a true passion project. “Little One” recounts tales from Arbielle’s last decade, including adventures from the road, falling in love, prayers for climate justice, and all the fears and excitement of welcoming new little ones into the world. They can’t wait for you to hear it.

Album Credits for “Little One” 2022:

All songs written & performed by Rachel Jumago, aka “Arbielle”

Produced by Cliff Fitzgerald & Arbielle in Redmond, OR

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Cliff Fitzgerald.

Additional parts recorded by Alex Fitz, Brent Alan, and Eric Bestul.

Rachel Jumago: Piano, lead vocal, banjolele, and some guitar

Katie Fitzgerald: Harmony vocal, guitar, co-writing

Brent Alan: Banjo (find him at

Chris Kokesh: Fiddle

Jessica Tucker: Lead vocal on verse 2 and all harmony on “East of the Garden”

Photos by Michelle Bates at & Kendriana Baker

All Rights Reserved, 2022